About Us

Imagine arriving at a client meeting with a comprehensive understanding of their business, able to confidently state, “The indirect market actually drives 60% of your competitor's volume, and by not focusing on this area, you're leaving money on the table.” This level of insight not only builds instant credibility but also sets you and your firm apart.

At Dafinchi, we understand the consulting life because we've lived it. Our goal is to make your consulting experience smoother and more efficient. The constant pressure, feeling unprepared, battling imposter syndrome, and the overwhelming task of sifting through endless materials are challenges we're all too familiar with. Dafinchi is designed to address these issues, allowing you to gain deep insights into a client's business in just a few minutes —what used to take hours or days.

Created by Consultants, for Consultants

As consultants, we know the importance of starting with a company's 10-K and those of its competitors to understand the business and industry, whether it's for business development or ramping up for a new case. Traditionally, this has been a time-consuming process. While large language models like ChatGPT have simplified the task of uploading and analyzing these documents, the process of finding, uploading, and querying them—especially for multiple competitors—remains tedious and often dull . Crafting effective prompts can also require several iterations.

Simplifying the Process

Dafinchi streamlines this entire process. With our tool, you can quickly select a company and utilize pre-selected questions we've meticulously prompt engineered . This provides you with a rapid overview of the business. If you have specific questions, you can also ask custom queries tailored to your exact needs.

We have ensured the tool is easily accessible not just on your computer, but anywhere. Knowing that travel is part of the job and cell phones are more accessible while commuting, we made the tool very mobile-friendly. This ensures you have access to critical data anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you can share the tool with your team or partners, reducing dependency and enhancing collaboration.

Future Enhancements

We are constantly evolving. Our upcoming features will further simplify a consultant's life. You'll soon be able to query across multiple companies or entire industries simultaneously . For instance, if you're working on a pricing strategy case and need to understand how many companies in the industry are citing pricing pressures from competitors, Dafinchi will enable you to gather this information with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for manual uploads to ChatGPT.

At Dafinchi, we're dedicated to making your consulting work more effective and less time-consuming, so you can focus on delivering value and achieving results for your clients .