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At Dafinchi, we're passionate about making company research effortless and insightful. That's why we're offering Dafinchi to you absolutely free.

Dafinchi puts company knowledge at your fingertips. Ask questions about any publicly traded company and get answers derived directly from their official reports – instantly! No more searching for documents and uploading them to ChatGPT everytime you want to learn about a company. Dafinchi makes understanding companies quick, easy, and accessible for everyone.

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In return for using Dafinchi for free, your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. We want to know what features would make your life even easier when it comes to learning about companies. What kind of information are you most interested in? Are there specific companies you'd like to see featured more prominently?

We may occasionally reach out with a brief survey, or a short interview call to gather your insights. Your feedback is essential in helping us shape Dafinchi into the ultimate company research tool. We respect your privacy and will only use your feedback to improve Dafinchi.

Our free plan offers 30 questions per day. This gives you plenty of power to explore different companies and find the information you need. If you ever need more than 30 questions a day, just contact us and we'd be happy to discuss your research needs and explore some options!

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